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Little is known of the history of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church prior to 1899 except
that it was a thriving institution located on the corner of Eighth Street and Rosedale Road. 
However, it is evident from the following chronology recapitulation that the
founders as well as those that followed were truly commanded, committed and
commissioned to fulfill the teachings of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

1899    Re-organized under the direction of the Fourth District Baptist Association,
            Rev. H. Williams, President and Pastor of  Mount Zion Baptist Church,
            Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

            Rev. A. A. Ginn was elected pastor.  Others leaders were Bro. Frank Spears,
            Chairman of Board of  Deacons;  Sis. Laura Walker, Chairlady, Board of
            Deaconess; Sis. Hester Joseph, Mother of the Church.

1900    Land was purchased from the Benevolent Society to erect a permanent church
            home.  The church was officially chartered for 53 years.

1916    Bro. Henry Wright was elected chairman of the Board of Trustees.

1930    Sis. Sarah Parker was elected Mother of the Church and served faithfully until
            1980.  Prior to Sis. Parker’s reign the Mothers of the Church were Sis. Donna
            Stewart and Sis. Elise Ginn.

1931    Rev. A. A. Ginn resigned as Pastor and Rev. J. W. Fisher was elected Pastor
            and served until 1934.

1934    Rev. T. R. Provost was elected Pastor and served until 1954.  Under the
            leadership of  Rev. Provost the church was re-chartered for 99 years.

1954    Rev. T. R. Provost resigned and Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church was in need
            a Pastor.  With many prayers the officers and members leaned strong on our Lord
            (Jeremiah 3:25) “I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed
            you with knowledge and understanding.”  Thus Rev. I. H. Warner was elected
            Pastor who came not to tear down, but to build up in every aspect.  Membership
            Increased and a building fund was organized for future growth.

1963    Additional land was purchased from the Benevolent Society to enlarge the edifice.

1964    Rev. Joseph Nelson was ordained by Rev. Warner and served as Assistant Pastor
            until God called him home.

1965    Temporary housing was secured at the Stone Square Masonic Lodge #8 located          
on Michigan and Eighth Street.  The old edifice was demolished and the new
            structure was erected.  

1966    January 23rd, the congregation returned to its present site.  Through fund raising
            projects and taxation the mortgage was burned in less than 10 years.  Shortly
            after returning home the kitchen and dining area was added.

1977    Land was purchased for use as a cemetery.

1979    After the demise of  Sis. Carrie Gustave, who had served for many years as
            Superintendent of the Sunday School, Bro. Anderson Johnson was elected
            to this post and served untiringly until God called him home in March of 1996.

1981    The remaining property of the Benevolent Society was purchased to enlarge the
            parking area.

1988    January 15th, Rev. Isaiah Warner retired.  On March 18th Rev. Freddie L. Riley
            was elected interim Pastor and later elected Pastor.

1990    Rev. Riley resigned in September.  The church was without a Pastor for the first
            time since 1954; and again the members had to go down in prayer for guidance
            from on high.

1991    Rev. Alvin L. Green, Sr. was elected Pastor.  Under the leadership of  Pastor
            Green the main focus was in the area of local mission, community outreach
            And Christian education.  In 1993 land adjoining existing property was
            Purchased for future use; the church’s parking lot was paved and a van was
            Purchased.  On October 5, 2000 our beloved Pastor went home to be with the

2001    On July 3, 2001 Rev. Raymond Allen, Sr. was elected Pastor of Shiloh and
            continues to serve as its Shepherd.  Under Pastor Allen’s leadership Sunday
            attendance has increased and membership continues to grow.  He re-organized
            the Youth Choir and instituted the New Member Ministry.  In May of 2004
            additional property was purchased for future expansion.  With the guidance of
            the Holy Spirit Shiloh continues to be a beacon in our community.

2011 - A committee was selected to build a Fellowship Hall next door to the present sanctuary.

June 2012 - The Fellowship Hall will be approximately 6500 sq. ft.. The main reception
area will seat approximately 280 persons. The building will have three all purpose classrooms.
There will be quarters for the pastor of visiting ministers. There will be men's and women's
restrooms at the front of the building and a unisex restroom at the rear of the building.
The building will have a media room with a collapsible stage in the reception area.
A commercial kitchen with pantry storage areas is included. We have included a
large office space for our office staff. The building will be protected by a fire alarm
and sprinkler systems. The Fellowship Hall be be used for overflow, and will have
state of the art video and speaker systems.

The Fellowship Hall is in the planning stages and building construction start and
finish dates have not been established.

2012     Presently the officers of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church are:

Chairman of  Deacon Ministry, Bro. Kenneth Moore;
Chairlady of Deaconess Ministry, Sis. Judy Moore;
Chairman of Trustee Ministry, Bro. Wendell Hightower; 
Treasurer, Sis. Doris Kent
Secretary, Sis. Judy Moore 
Church Clerk, Sis. Kimberly Patterson;
Sis. Ann Brown, Superintendent of Sunday School;

Mother of the Church, Sis. Isabell Parker.

Associate Ministers are Rev. Rowena Fields, Rev. Anthony Hollins, Min. Angelisa Allen,
Min. Greta Johnson, and Min. Eric Marsellus.




Reverend A. A. Ginn                                             1899 – 1931

Reverend J. W. Fisher                                           1931 – 1934

Reverend T. R. Provost                                         1934 – 1954

Reverend Isaiah Warner                                         1954 – 1988

Reverend Freddie L. Riley                                     1988 – 1990

Reverend Alvin L. Green, Sr.                                 1991 – 2000

Reverend Raymond Allen, Sr.                                2001 – Present



The Mission of the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church is to surrender our lives totally to Christ by showing unconditional love to one another,
Seeking God’s will through his word, by serving the needs of our fellowman, and spreading the gospel throughout the world according to
the guidance of the Holy Spirit until the Lord himself shall come again.



Angelisa Allen
Cornell Allen, Sr.
Anthony Burton
Bennie Dunbar
Rowena Fields
J. P. Gardner
Alvin Green, Jr.
Oscar L. Gordon
William Gordon (Deceased)
Anthony Hollins
Greta Johnson
Johnny Johnson, Jr.
Michael Johnson
Fred Lawrence (Deceased)
Eric Marsallus
Gregory Marshall
Charles Morgan
Clayton Murphy
Joseph Nelson (Deceased)
Ronald Nelson
Daniel Smith, Sr.
James A. Terrance, Jr.
Isaiah Warner (Deceased)


Harry Wright
Green Jackson
Sylvester Gross
Reverend Joseph Nelson
George Butler
Anderson H. Johnson
Earnest Pollard
James Terrance, Sr.
Leon Goudeau, Sr.
Mary L. Knighten
Clarence J. Elliot, Sr
James Terrance, Sr.
Wendell Hightower


Frank Spears
Harry Butler
Green Jackson
Sylvester Gross
Alonzo Guss
Alonzo Guss
Dan Lewis
Jeff Solomon, Jr.
Joel Gordon, Sr.
Kenneth Moore


Laura Walker
Phillis Cooper
Sarah C. Clark
Angelle Sanders
Sarah C. Parker
Julia Menefee
Josephine Barber
Phillis Murphy
Estella Brown
Edna Jackson
Mildred Talbot
Mary L. Knighten
Annie Young
Judy Moore

Hester Joseph
Diana Stewart
Elsie Ginn
Sarah C. Parker
Edna Jackson
Janie Fields
Isabell Parker


Richard Clark
Ezekial Harris
Daniel C. Collins
Mrs. O. W. Barney
John L. Morris
Deloris Morgan
Morris Wallace
Demetria Jackson
Clyde Robertson
Judy Moore


Elzena Nelson
Sharon Lewis
Lois Talbot
Adrienne Johnson
Elizabeth Douglas
Demetria Jackson
Kimberly Patterson


Guy Button
Sylvester Gross
William Menefee
Phillip Young
Dan Lewis
Mamie Lewis
Leon Goudeau
Doris Kent