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Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools 2008 

Shiloh Freedom School

"We Believe Reading Is The Key That Can Unlock The Door To Childrens Dreams And Unlimited Potential"

Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools Program's boost student motivation to read, generate more positive attitudes toward learning and connect the needs of children and families to the resources of the communities. Children are valued, celebrated and given opportunities to learn the pleasure of reading and improve thier ability to read. They do this while connecting to their culture, developing self-discipline, having fund and participating in community service and taking social action.

Freedom School Award to Mr. Adren Wilson
From: Rev. Raymond Allen & Sis. Ray Helen Lawrence

Rev. Allen & Sis. Lawrence Presentation - Wilson

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church presented Mr. Adren Wilson an award for his services with the Dept. of Social Services and Shiloh Baptist Church - 7/10/2008.
This award is in appreciation of a job well done the the Children's Defense Fund in helping Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church to establish their Freedom School.

Freedom School Student Photos "Harambee"- June 30, 2008

Freedom School Class Photos - June 30, 2008

Freedom School Students At Play - July 2, 2008

Freedom School Musical Selection and Noon Lunch - July 10, 2008

The Advocate - Newspaper article - July 22, 2008 -
Port Allen Chuch Aids Students

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