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             Port Allen, Louisiana


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Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools 2009

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church Freedom School 2009

"We Believe Reading Is The Key That Can Unlock The Door To Children's Dreams And Unlimited Potential"

  Rev. AllenRev. Raymond Allen - Project Director

Councilwoman Ray Helen Lawrence Councilwoman, Sis. Ray Helen Lawrence - Executive Director

Tristan Dogan - Site Coordinator

Clyde Robertson - Finance Administrator
Huey Gautier - Transportation Director
Leon Goudeau - Food Coordinator
Angelisa Allen - Coordinator

Instructors: (Later)

Freedom School Photos (Rev. Allen) - July 2009

Freedom School Classroom and Lunchroom Photos July 9, 2009

Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools Programs are partnerships with faith based institutions, schools, colleges, universities and community based organizations. They provide Summer and after-school enrichment through a model curriculum. The program consist of the following essential components: High quality academic enrichment, parent and family involvement, civic engagement, social action, leadership development, nutritional health and mental health.